Rachel Marosy

Hi! I'm Rachel Marosy, artist and owner of the Budding Beauty Boutique. I'm a born and raised Colorado girl! I grew up surrounded by lofty mountains, incredible sunsets and abundant wildlife. My mom's flower and vegetable gardens and my dad's love of hunting, fishing and rockhounding have significantly influenced my life.

The feathers used to create some of the Budding Beauty Boutique offerings are harvested from my dad's turkey and pheasant hunting days. The beauty of those feathers live on as part of the earrings I make.

Additional items offered at the shop include creations by small batch artisans, like me. Many of the products are Fair Trade Certified items, the sale of which support disadvantaged artists, especially women. There are other unique creations that I've just fallen in love with and I know you will too!

Thank you for visiting my shop, which is a result of a long-held dream come true! ~ Rachel